StopDrugs | A Sharing Without Shame Initiative.

Our Vision Going Forward...

After careful consideration Dereleen together with a team of highly skilled individuals with a vast variety of experience and skills, formed the “SHARING WITHOUT SHAME” Foundation that seeks to champion for the more specifically its youth being exposed to drugs and people living with disability.

Since the Presidential intervention, Dereleen and her team, Sharing without Shame (SWS) are actively assisting other communities, attending their marches and delivering motivation and uplifting the community through her experience. Dereleen brings about awareness and encourages all to “copy” the Eldorado Park initiative into their own environment.

Going under the banner “SHARING WITHOUT SHAME”, Dereleen put together a “March”/campaign and invited other moms; dads ; husbands; wives from Eldorado Park who also share in her pain and frustration to give their time and assistance on bringing about awareness due their chaotic situation in this community, this March was attended by thousands of Eldos residents; local organisations such as SANCA.

In partnership with Workforce Healthcare, SWS has secured a toll free number for the community to call for confidential assistance with substance abuse, this line offers Face to Face counselling sessions which has since been limited to Eldorado Park due to the high volume of calls.

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