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When I first came to know of sws I thought ahh this is just a place where I would be controlled but soon found that it was the complete opposite which means God sent me with 9 guys to show me how special he was he kept me standing because the 8 wanted me 2 fall I met new people and was supported by many like miss Dee, aunty Carol and aunty Faeeza etc,my mom soon joined and now my life feels easy and light so sws has been my corner stone over my 6months of recovery thank you sws for being there for me when I was week and for the good times of going out to different places thank you love you guys!

Tyrelle Camp

Recovering addict


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Message from Comedian Joey Rasdien

Drugs. There is this song, I think it's the first song of a Dead Prez album where this guy explains how hunters kill wolves in the snow. What the hunters do is put a double edge blade in the snow and Read More

Testimonial from Miss Valocious

Testimonial of “Miss Valocious" 

Miss Valocious being in rehab in 2010 for 4 months, I though he was healed, free, released from drugs. Not knowing that it does not end there. I was not...
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Testimony from Chantall

Good day,  My name is Chantall and I am the mother of a recovering addict. When my son was in addiction I felt as if I was living a nightmare..not knowing whether he was safe or even still alive killed...
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Testimony from Zarina Esterhuizen

Good day SWS Group I'm a single mum and has a 21 year old (son) that has a  weakness (drugs). It has been really tough for me to deal with this on my own It has brought me to a stage where u don’t...
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Testimony from Jerome

My name is Jerome and I am a grateful recovering addict. I am a facilitator at the Sharing Without Shame Support Group, which is held every Wednesday night at Silver Oakes Secondary School at 7pm. Part...
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Testimony from Kenni Gambo

Hi there Dereleen, I just wanted to say thank you for what you and many others are doing in Eldorado Park. It is tragic how  our communities are decimated by...
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Response - Beverly Noble

Laying the foundation for our children's children....very proud of you, you have given us the courage to also fight for our children and never to allow satan to rob us of what God has birthed through...
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Letter from Ronelle Fritz Gabier

Hi Dereleen May 2013 I vividly remember the Sunday march a few weeks ago! I recall how I was sitting in the hairdresser when you walked in and started addressing us, telling us how if we don't sign...
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Testimony from Tyrelle Camp

When I first came to know of sws I thought ahh this is just a place where I would be controlled but soon found that it was the complete opposite which means God sent me with 9 guys to show me how special...
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