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Hi Dereleen

May 2013

I vividly remember the Sunday march a few weeks ago! I recall how I was sitting in the hairdresser when you walked in and started addressing us, telling us how if we don't sign the petition, and if we don't actively get involved, we have NO reason to complain! And I remember sitting there thinking to myself, "shame, jy is seker weer net van daais wat altyd in die limelight wil wees!" I'm ashamed to admit that this is how I judged someone, this is what my perception was! Little did I know that you had your own struggles, fighting your own demons! But besides the turmoil that you and so many other moms are facing in eldos, you have made me realise that I DON'T need be personally affected to ACT and HELP, and to get INVOLVED! Thank you, you have made me wanna GET UP and DO something!!!!! As a young mom with a 5 year old boy, and a 1 year old boy, I have found renewed purpose, renewed energy, and most of all restored hope! Thank You.

Ronelle Fritz Gabier


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