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Good day SWS Group

I'm a single mum and has a 21 year old (son) that has a  weakness (drugs). It has been really tough for me to deal with this on my own It has brought me to a stage where u don’t trust anyone, don’t want be around people…Just want to be in your own little world…and block all the pain away…

I have joined the SWS group…have been there a few times, but not as much as I would like to attend as it out of my way,,, (BUT THEY STILL TREAT ME AS IF IM NEXT TO THEM,,,SITTING AND CHATTING…LOL..jst thinking about it makes me smile) but what a blessing with this whatsup hey…hehehhehe…even though im not there ,,,I still get to chat with the ladies and share my problems ,pain…they are such sweet bunch…would not have come this far with out the Grace of Jehovah and sharing with friends,Mother,daughters,sisters,,,U have to be open and honest about your self. If you don’t how do you expect to get help…we are there to build and not to brake…and the bottom line you don’t want sympathy you just want some to listen to and understand where you coming from…

What ive learned is ..u must always leave room for disappointments as nothing is guaranteed we are all fighting our own battles…Ure child is my child…and that is how we will build a stronger community…there is no better medicine as LOVE,HUGS,KISSES……


Thanks for always checking up on me to find if im still ok….



Zarina Esterhuizen


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